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Wow that was a long time without an update. Updated some of the domain names for sale.

2004/10/17 FreedomFry.org released

I just created this neat website (freedomfry.org), with a great name, to use for a political blog, in collaboration with one or two buddies.

About the dating system: I'm working on getting this system out (along with a few pioneers); it's to keep dates easy to understand for European/United States format, as well as allow them to be alphabetized easily.

2004/09/11 New layout

I just put up a new layout for this site. It will likely be a personal site and a link dump. Also it's a nice place to sell domains.

I think it's a pretty snazzy design. It's solely CSS and XHTML (no tables). If you experience any problems please let me know so I can correct them.


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